Parent Coach

Rebecca Baiser


Rebecca Baiser is passionate about supporting parents to better understand their children's behaviors while building the confidence they need to meet their children with clear boundaries, connection, and empathy. She partners with parents to create a non-judgmental space for self-reflection and awareness, sharing concrete tools, and evidence-based resources from her nearly three decades spent in the field of education. Rebecca has a master's degree in Early Childhood Education, is an American Montessori Society certified educator for 3-6 year old's, and has worked in preschools inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. As a parent to a neurodivergent child, she also knows first-hand the benefits of having a safe and encouraging space for navigating the challenges of parenting. Rebecca is thrilled to be a part of the Kinspire team working in collaboration with the providers to offer additional one on one coaching and support directly to parents.

Education and Practice

  • San Francisco State University, Master of Arts Early Childhood Education

  • Ithaca College, Bachelor of Science

  • Speech Language Pathology and with Teaching Option

Specialties and Certifications

  • Princeton Center for Teacher Education

  • American Montessori Society Certification Ages 3-6


Rebecca approaches both children and parents with kindness & calm. She is a patient listener and has the gift of making people feel heard and understood. As an educator to my two young children she made herself available for my questions and concerns and offered actionable advice (and followed up!). Rebecca combines her many years of experience as an educator and parent with her innate empathy to help everyone around her- what a gift to share!

Quinn Cartelli