Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Marissa Goodman



Marissa Goodman, MHS, OTR/L is a graduate of Georgia Regents University with a Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy. Her passion for OT began in high school while caring for a child with special needs and attending his therapy sessions. She has been working as a pediatric OT for 8 years. Marissa is certified in The Astronaut Training Program – designed to integrate the senses of vision, hearing and movement. She is also certified in The Therapeutic Listening Program – designed to address sensory modulation, auditory sensitivity, auditory processing, vestibular dysfunction, and coordination. She has advanced training in reflex integration, and vast experience in addressing challenges with tactile sensitivity, auditory defensiveness, and emotional regulation. Marissa loves being creative and thinking on her feet.

Education and Practice

Georgia Regents University: Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy


  • Certified in Astronaut Training

  • Therapeutic Listening

  • ILS- Focus System; Reflex Integration

"My goal is to improve the daily function of my clients through empowering parents and caregivers to implement strategies and tools that maximize success."

Family Story

"My daughter, [child’s name], has been working with Marissa since January and I am forever grateful that you matched us with her. Marissa is an incredible therapist and so dedicated to helping [child’s name]. She constantly goes out of her way and thoughtfully tailors her sessions to encompass [child’s name], interests and is always finding new ways to engage and excite her. Honestly, it makes me tear up thinking about how kind she is to her and our family. Literally, [child’s name], looks forward all week to her Thursday appointment with Marissa and typically struggles leaving her sessions because if it were up to her, she’d stay all day! She absolutely adores her."

Happy Client